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Is there such a thing as “too nice”?


I have always been known as “nice”. Maybe because I am quiet and people just don’t know how to handle that, so they just say I am nice.

I think I have reached my limit of nice. Being held to this standard my entire life may have been detrimental. I think I have ignored now I really feel and what I have wanted thus allowing people to mistreat me and take advantage of my kindness.

Nice people are most often seen as indecisive. Usually nice people will not tell you when they don’t want to do something. Instead, they will deflect their opinion by saying things like, “it doesn’t really matter to me”, “I don’t care”, or “I’m open for anything”. The problem with this is after consistently deferring the decision making to those around you, your start to lose sight of how you really feel.

Nice people tend to be less honest. Being the nice person can go beyond just being opinionated and cause you to tell lies because you do not want to offend anybody. There is also a tendency to give praise and compliments when they are not deserved.

Strangely enough, being nice to people all the time can actually cause you to dislike and resent the people who benefit from your niceness. Constantly caving to what others want to do can cause you to become stressed out, overworked, and bitter towards the people you are helping, therein defeating the entire purpose of doing a kind act.

Getting caught up on saying yes all the time and being polite because we think it makes us better people is in all reality being dishonest to the people we are helping and we are cheating ourselves out of our own self satisfaction.

From this point forward, I will make sure I mean the nice things I say and do and if I don’t, I will just say how I really feel. No more Ms. Nice Gal!!

End of an Iconic Landmark

End of an Iconic Landmark

lea island 2

The house that stood alone on the barrier island known as Lea Island, came crashing down from the recent rains and storm surge from Hurricane Joaquin. Lea Island is one of the last undeveloped barrier islands along North Carolina’s coast. The Pender County paradise serves as a nesting ground for shorebirds and sea turtles and a pristine recreational beach that attracts tourists and residents alike.

The 25-year-old oceanfront house was a lingering reminder of a time when Lea Island was eyed for residential development. Just three houses were built and this was the only one left standing.

Many hours have been spent gathering shells, fishing, swimming, picnicing, sunbathing and enjoying the waters of Lea Island. The loss of this house leaves behind many memories for young and old alike!

Stop the Violence


Once again, we find ourselves grieving over the senseless killing of people. Innocent people out living their lives, going about their daily routine. Now, their families are dealing with premature funerals and lost futures.

Are gun lovers  grieving over this senseless act along with the rest of us? If you are a gun lover and are still against greater gun control measures, then you do not have the right to grieve over such loss. In fact, if your “right to bear arms” ultimately matters more to you than the massacres of late, you do not have the right to grieve. If, after this, the 294th mass shooting this year in the United States, you can bow your head and say a prayer for those lost souls and then resume your stance on gun control – all you are doing is consenting to more murders and heinous acts of violence. Your expression of sorrow means nothing if you do not acknowledge that guns, their ease of availability and access to them is a central problem of our culture.

If you have bought into the lie that guns are a necessity, entirely neutral and guaranteed by the constitution, then you really do not care about any of this. We know the numbers, the statistics and the reality of it all, yet dismiss it all or rationalize why it is not relevant. We wash our hands of any accountability in the continuous wave of violence .

President Barack Obama has had to deliver statements on gun violence 15 times during his Presidency. Shootings have become all too routine. President Obama hits the nail on the head when he says “we’ve become numb to this”.

So far, in 2015 we have had 294 mass shootings. When more than 3 victims are involved, it is considered a mass shooting. The broader spectrum here is that there have been over 40,000 gun violence incidents this year; 10,000 killed, 20,000 wounded, 2500 children and teens killed or injured, 3500 officer involved shootings, 1700 home invasions, 1500 accidental shootings and 900 defensive shootings. This data was collected and validated from over 1200 sources on October 2,  2015 and reported by “”.

No more than 8 days have gone by without an incident. Unfortunately, that number will be updated tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that and it will continue until changes are made. We must demand safety for our families, our communities and this once great nation. I am not advocating for an attack on your second amendment rights. I own weapons, but have had a thorough background check from the FBI, a mental evaluation, fingerprinted and completed training and obtained a license to own and carry my guns. I am advocating for mandatory training, tougher background checks, mental health evaluations, longer waiting periods, licensure and renewal periods for gun ownership.

We must provide for high quality and accessible mental health treatment. Gun ownership has been rising and mental health services cut dramatically. We need sensible gun laws and universal background checks. We must ban high capacity magazines and reinstitute the ban on assault weapons.

We must change our policies to stop the cycle of violence. We should be able to send our children to school, to attend houses of worship, shop in malls and walk through our neighborhoods without the fear of being shot. Our broken political system must come together and advance legislation to make the necessary changes to reduce, or even better, eliminate gun violence and protect law abiding citizens. Just because the Constitution gives us rights, it doesn’t mean those rights can’t have problems that need solutions.

Boxer Pups Will Steal Your Heart

Boxer Pups Will Steal Your Heart

Boxer Puppies steal your heart from the first moment you meet them.Those brown eyes, floppy ears and droopy jowls are irresistible! They are playful, devoted, bright, loyal, energetic, friendly, calm, fearless and intelligent. They are a short haired breed of dog and come in fawn and brindle colors. They have very strong jaws and they are a member of the working dog group.

Most boxers exhibit a great love and faithfulness to its master. They are bright and friendly at play, brave and determined. Their intelligence and loyalty make them a great family dog and wonderful companion.


Boxer Pup

boxer 2

Six Pack of Boxers

Property Plus

Are you in the market to hire a well qualified general manager? Need someone skilled in handling all your business affairs?Look no further. As a former general property manager and real estate agent, I possess all the skills needed to make your business a success. I have many years experience managing properties all over North and South Carolina. I have the supervisory skills needed to handle staff, including office staff, maintenance staff, landscaping staff as well as outside vendors. Do not be fooled by my wit and sarcasm, as I take my role as a leader very serious.

Do not let another day pass by without contacting me in reference to running your business. After you hire me, you can finally take that long deserved rest, perhaps a long cruise. You will be relaxed while spending your money as you know I will be here managing your business and fattening your bank account once again.

I look forward to taking over for you in your absence.

Dinosaurs Existed, The Earth Is Old, Adam And Eve Weren’t Real People—And That’s Okay!

Just wanted to share!

john pavlovitz


The Christian Faith I grew up with was a pass-fail proposition.

You were either:
in or out,
saved or damned,
Christian or not—period.

The only problem was, the people who decided such things kept moving the darn line.

For example, to be “Bible believing” meant you were most definitely in, however if you concluded that the earth was more than 6,000 years old or that there probably wasn’t actually a talking snake in Genesis’ creation story or that a specific woman named Eve most likely didn’t get formed from another guy named Adam’s rib or that God didn’t actually dictate the Bible from Heaven or drop it already written, leather-bound and shrink-wrapped from the sky; well then you weren’t actually Bible believing after all—and you were out; written off as a heretic or a backslider.

And so it went with God and the things of God and God’s people. They all got…

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